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Details of Maria Butina’s cooperation quickly removed from court website

Details of Maria Butina's cooperation quickly removed from court website

Butina pleaded guilty Thursday to one criminal count of acting as an illegal foreign agent in the United States.

US attorneys may want to interview Butina in their offices well into January, according to the filing. She may also be requested to appear at the grand jury in Washington, according to the filing, which is a request to a federal judge to allow the currently detained Russian to be transported by the FBI for cooperation interviews.

“The purpose of the transfer is to interview the Inmate concerning an ongoing federal investigation,” the filing says.

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina cooperating with federal prosecutors as part of plea deal

Attorneys in the case have previously said that her American boyfriend Paul Erickson is under investigation. Erickson has not been charged.

Butina’s lawyers will accompany her at the interviews and she will wear restraints when she is not in the Alexandria, Virginia, detention facility.

Similar requests for Butina to attend interviews with federal prosecutors “concerning an ongoing federal investigation” date back to late September, before she formally decided to plea.

It appears prosecutors wanted to keep secret the logistics regarding her upcoming cooperation, but the paperwork filed was distributed publicly on Friday instead of “under seal” as marked.

Minutes after the document was blasted through the court’s online filing system, the filing became unavailable to the public and it has since been removed from the docket.

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