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President Trump makes first briefing room appearance: Follow live

President Trump makes first briefing room appearance: Follow live

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders earlier this afternoon announced there would be a surprise press briefing.

She introduced President Trump, who talked about his border wall demand, and then both Sanders and Trump left the room, taking no questions from reporters.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar called the question-less appearance a “non-briefing.”

Or here’s how CNN’s Kaitlan Collins put it:

“Now, this is something that is essentially unheard of. I’m not sure if the press secretary has ever come into the press briefing room before and not taken a single question from one reporter. Yes, we’ve had short briefings. Yes, they have been quick before and not very regular in their occurrences but typically they always take questions.”

For comparison, former President Barack Obama often appeared in the briefing room and didn’t always take questions.

But here’s the difference: Those were never called “briefings” ahead of time by the White House.

And when he left the podium, his press secretary often stuck around to answer questions in a briefing setting.

Watch below:

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